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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions we collected from our customers, any doubts you can look here for reference. If you can’t find your answer here, please contact us directly. We shall solve your problem within the shortest response time.


What adhesive are you using for your back? Is it easy to tear it off?

The sticky on our back is a strong adhesive that doesn't come off easily when used. However, the sticky on the back can be removed easily and mostly leave no residue.

How long can your product be used?

Under normal use, our decals can be used for 3-5 years. However, if you don't store it properly, for example: in the sun or in a dark and humid environment, it will reduce the useful life of the decals.
Will you change the size of the decals I ordered during the proofing process?

We will not arbitrarily change the size of your decals. If your size distorts the pattern of your decals, we will alert you and it is up to you to change the size.


How do I know the price of decals of different sizes?

We have a free quotation system for using.

When will I receive proof of the final design?

Within 24 hours of your order, we will send you an electronic certificate for approval, and if you confirm it is correct, we will start producing your order.

Can I make all the designs?

Of course, as long as your design is free of objectionable content, we won't interfere with you.


I have no experience designing decals, do you have any templates for me to learn from?

Yes, we have tons of templates for your reference. You can arbitrarily add new text content or delete existing ones in our templates.

After placing an order, what should I do if I suddenly want to modify my order?

Normally, after the system receives your order, it will start to arrange production for you. However, before the order is produced, we will send you a certificate of approval, and changes can be made until you pass the certificate of approval.

What if I accidentally leave while designing without saving to artwork?

Do not worry. Our website has an auto-save function, so you can continue to design your previous works when you re-enter.


When can I receive my order?

The time to receive the goods is different in different regions, generally 2-5 days.

Do you charge shipping?

No, even one of our orders will be delivered to your door with free shipping. 

Can I follow the trail my order without delay?

Yes, we have a complete system to help you follow the trail your order without delay.

Copyright & Safety

Is your website 100% secure?

We guarantee that the personal information you fill in on our website, the artwork you design, and the account for payment are 100% safe, please trust us!


Do you have any requirements for returns?

Given that most of our company's products are customized, we can only accept returns due to our quality problems. Thank you for your cooperation!