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Custom Stickers Cheap & Quality Guarantee

Free Design

Free Design

Professional artwork with unlimited revisions

Easy Creation

Easy Creation

Friendly and all-round design tool is online

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

FREE Shipping to US / CA / UK / AU etc.

Enjoyable Shopping

Enjoyable Shopping

Worry-free returns, thoughtful service

Use A Wide Range of Floor Decals

Keep Distance Floor Decals

Delicate and Commercially Valuable Removable Floor Decals

Walking in shopping malls or supermarkets, we often see some road signs or decals of store discounts on the ground. These custom floor stickers are a great way to guide customers and inform shoppers about discounts.

The Easiest Way to Promote Corporate Events

All it takes is a floor decal to inform customers about the store's discounts. It can be applied in one minute and can be removed without damaging the hygiene of the floor. This way of advertising is the first choice of most companies.

Features of Custom Floor Decals

Custom Funny Floor Decals
Great for various designs

Full-color printing

Fashionable style and beautiful color.

Promote brand activities

Promote brand activities

Increase the visibility of the company.

Direction and road sign

Direction and road sign

Point customers in the right direction.

Damage-free interior adhesive

Damage-free interior adhesive

Will not damage your items when removed.



Waterproof and environmentally friendly materials.

Custom Funny Floor Decals

Special Materials Printing

kraft paper decals

Kraft Paper Decals

Holographic Decals

Fluorescent Decals

Foil decals

Foil Decals

pearlescent decals

Pearlescent Decals

Metallic decals

Metallic Decals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I make any pattern for my floor decals?

    A: Of course we can, as long as your text and graphics comply with laws and regulations.

  • Q: What occasions are custom floor decals generally suitable for?

    A: Floor decals can be widely used in many occasions, such as supermarket promotions, shopping malls guide road signs.

  • Q: Will you modify the design drawings and dimensions I gave you without authorization?

    A: Don't worry, if your size and pattern are unreasonable, we will remind you, but we will not change it without permission.

  • Q: Are your car decals matte or glossy?

    A: We have both fabrics.

  • Q: Can you make any style of car decals?

    A: Yes, as long as your design complies with laws and regulations, we can make it for you.

Why Choose

Various Design on One Sheet

Personalized Floor Decals

Our company specializes in custom decals, whether you use them for decoration or commercial use, you can come to us. We have free design consultants at your service who will revise the artwork for you over and over again to your heart's content.

Impeccable Printing

Custom Shape and Color

Custom floor decals can be made in many shapes: square, round or cut to any shape you want. And we won't charge you extra if you want to use more than one color. We will try our best to meet your needs.

Low Price Guaranteed

Durable and Non-slip

Durable interior floor decal with laminated protection and certified slip resistance. After sticking, you can walk around freely on it, but it will not be slippery and make customers fall. Floor decals can have a lifespan of 3-5 years under normal use.

100% Made in the USA

Custom Shape and Color

In principle, customized products do not accept returns and refunds, because of it will affect secondary sales. However, if the product quality problem affects your normal use, we guarantee 100% refund processing, so you will not have the slightest bad shopping experience.

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